Thursday, May 22, 2014

Session 13 Outline

Real Date: March 31, 2014
In-Game Date: December 24, 2011
Session Title: 

Trying out a new (more lazy) format of session recap.  Perhaps it will be better way to keep track of what happened each will certainly be less time consuming, but if the longer format is better we can switch back...assuming anyone reads any of these. ;)

Session Outline

Saturday December 24, 2011 - 12PM

Started in the townhouse with the rescued UNA (United New America) group.
1 - Townhouse    2 - Humvees

Ken sent a scout (Derek) to verify that their Humvees were still where they left them.

Steve returned and confirmed they had a ride.

Ken decided it would be better to recover their vehicle assets and get back to base before the chopper was deployed.

The group wanted to stick with the previous air lift plan, but were convinced to take the land option.

Everyone towards the Humvees meeting a few Zombies on the way which turned out to be a growing number.

Quickly mounted the Humvees and got all three started.

A - Radio Station    B - Peachtree Airport
Headed Northeast following one of the UNA drivers.

Came to a partially blocked road and got stuck between some cars.

Dispatched several Zombies approaching from the surrounding buildings.

Big Kenny ran a few rounds through his SAW taking out several Zombies.

Made it back to the Peachtree airport.

1 - UNA Peachtree Base
Guards at the gate moved back a modified truck serving as a gate to the base and the caravan pulled into their now familiar base next to the Blackhawk they recently helped liberate.

Dean (Leader of the Peachtree contingent) greeted them and welcomed everyone into the now familiar airport building.

Had a Christmas party of fresh ham and several fixin's.

A couple hours later, found the guards who were in charge of the prisoners in a nearby room - one dead and one unconscious - the prisoners were nowhere to be seen.

Searched around and found a few Zombies wandering around the confides of the airfield fence.

Found that the truck that was being used as the mobile gate had gone missing leaving the gate wide open.

Closed up the gate and took the rest of the night off.

Began a full sweep of the airfield to cleanse it from any Zombies that wandered in while the gate was open.

UNA pilot flew the group back to Dobbins AFB in the Blackhawk.

Several Zombies around the plane, but most were distracted by the Blackhawk after dropping off the group.

Greg got the Cessna started up and began taking off and barely avoided taking a Zombie into the propeller.

Flew in the Cessna back to the Fulton airport.

Pulled up to their pimped out semi cab only to find it torched.

Rich showed up and explained that one of their guys was going to move the semi and it burst into flames with his guy inside...apparently Chet's security system worked a little too well...

Decided to fly out of Fulton in the Cessna to go visit the Home Depot survivors.

Found an open stretch of road a few blocks from the Home Depot and skillfully landed the Cessna.

1 - Cement Crazies    2 - Wheeled Cessna into fenced storage area     3 - Met survivors of Home Depot
Walked down the street a bit and noticed some cement pump trucks which Chet wanted to investigate (1).

Got to the fence before being warded off by some highly protective residents of the building next to the trucks.

Wheeled the Cessna down the road and found a nice fenced in area of a storage facility in which to secure it (2).

Walked around between the buildings towards what appeared to be the office (3).

Once again warded off by a resident who turned out to be one of the survivors from the Home Depot.

Frank, Yvonne (the lady Greg repaired the ankle of), and George took refuge in the storage facility after the Home Depot was overrun by Zombies.

Hanging out inside the office and thinking about what to do next...

Zombie Destruction Totals
CharacterSessionAll Time

Human Interaction Totals

(The semi security system accounts for the human interaction kill...a gray area perhaps, but still...)