Thursday, January 1, 2015


Our D&D group has branched out a bit into a new (to us) genre of Modern Zombie Survival. I figured I'd set up a blog to keep track of the adventures we have. It should hopefully help us to remember what was going on the last time we played and to keep anyone who misses a gaming session informed.

The campaign took a lot of inspiration from the AMC TV series "The Walking Dead". As such, the story starts in a hotel just west of Atlanta, Georgia. Although some similarities will most likely show through as far as how things have unfolded, most events will be much different so the players who have seen the series won't have the game spoiled and vice versa. Some of the characters are nearly cloned from their series counterparts, but how they behave and grow will be entirely up to the player.

Although I did take it upon myself to write my own set of rules, I decided that basing everything off the 'real' world would be most accurate and least time consuming. We will therefore be making heavy use of Google Maps. We will be able to get grand overviews and zoom in to get plenty of detail on individual buildings. Even cars parked in the lots will be used as potential 'cover' (or transportation) for the party.

All characters were picked at random by the players. The option of the players picking their characters or coming up with their own was offered as well, but the players felt random was the way to go.

Most posts on this blog are the adventure logs/synopsis/summaries of each of our gaming sessions.  One purpose of posting these synopsis is to give an example of the type of game that can be run with the RPG rule set featured on this site.

The rules and supporting materials are available for download and linked in the upper-right of this web site. All may be reproduced for your personal use. If you have rules questions or comments, please let me know and I'd be happy to help out.

One additional thing - obviously since the maps come from satellite images, the places in the maps used are real.  The locations referred to in the synopsis were simply used as a starting point for adventure ideas and no offense is intended to the actual people or places.  Neither I nor the players in the campaign are racist or have any ill will against peoples of different areas of the country or the world.  Any stereotypes, situations, or descriptions of people/places/things that does come across as offensive is certainly not intentional.