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Session 13 Outline

Real Date: March 31, 2014
In-Game Date: December 24, 2011
Session Title: 

Trying out a new (more lazy) format of session recap.  Perhaps it will be better way to keep track of what happened each will certainly be less time consuming, but if the longer format is better we can switch back...assuming anyone reads any of these. ;)

Session Outline

Saturday December 24, 2011 - 12PM

Started in the townhouse with the rescued UNA (United New America) group.
1 - Townhouse    2 - Humvees

Ken sent a scout (Derek) to verify that their Humvees were still where they left them.

Steve returned and confirmed they had a ride.

Ken decided it would be better to recover their vehicle assets and get back to base before the chopper was deployed.

The group wanted to stick with the previous air lift plan, but were convinced to take the land option.

Everyone towards the Humvees meeting a few Zombies on the way which turned out to be a growing number.

Quickly mounted the Humvees and got all three started.

A - Radio Station    B - Peachtree Airport
Headed Northeast following one of the UNA drivers.

Came to a partially blocked road and got stuck between some cars.

Dispatched several Zombies approaching from the surrounding buildings.

Big Kenny ran a few rounds through his SAW taking out several Zombies.

Made it back to the Peachtree airport.

1 - UNA Peachtree Base
Guards at the gate moved back a modified truck serving as a gate to the base and the caravan pulled into their now familiar base next to the Blackhawk they recently helped liberate.

Dean (Leader of the Peachtree contingent) greeted them and welcomed everyone into the now familiar airport building.

Had a Christmas party of fresh ham and several fixin's.

A couple hours later, found the guards who were in charge of the prisoners in a nearby room - one dead and one unconscious - the prisoners were nowhere to be seen.

Searched around and found a few Zombies wandering around the confides of the airfield fence.

Found that the truck that was being used as the mobile gate had gone missing leaving the gate wide open.

Closed up the gate and took the rest of the night off.

Began a full sweep of the airfield to cleanse it from any Zombies that wandered in while the gate was open.

UNA pilot flew the group back to Dobbins AFB in the Blackhawk.

Several Zombies around the plane, but most were distracted by the Blackhawk after dropping off the group.

Greg got the Cessna started up and began taking off and barely avoided taking a Zombie into the propeller.

Flew in the Cessna back to the Fulton airport.

Pulled up to their pimped out semi cab only to find it torched.

Rich showed up and explained that one of their guys was going to move the semi and it burst into flames with his guy inside...apparently Chet's security system worked a little too well...

Decided to fly out of Fulton in the Cessna to go visit the Home Depot survivors.

Found an open stretch of road a few blocks from the Home Depot and skillfully landed the Cessna.

1 - Cement Crazies    2 - Wheeled Cessna into fenced storage area     3 - Met survivors of Home Depot
Walked down the street a bit and noticed some cement pump trucks which Chet wanted to investigate (1).

Got to the fence before being warded off by some highly protective residents of the building next to the trucks.

Wheeled the Cessna down the road and found a nice fenced in area of a storage facility in which to secure it (2).

Walked around between the buildings towards what appeared to be the office (3).

Once again warded off by a resident who turned out to be one of the survivors from the Home Depot.

Frank, Yvonne (the lady Greg repaired the ankle of), and George took refuge in the storage facility after the Home Depot was overrun by Zombies.

Hanging out inside the office and thinking about what to do next...

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(The semi security system accounts for the human interaction kill...a gray area perhaps, but still...)

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Session 12 Synopsis

Real Date: January 24, 2014
In-Game Date: December 24, 2011
Session Title: Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
Memorable Quote
  Chet: "Hey look - there's Zombies!"

After a brief rest in the townhouse (1), the group moved out the back door and across to another townhouse (2) which they hoped would provide a better view of the radio tower.  The back door was ajar and looking in revealed a corpse well on its decomposition journey laying on the kitchen floor.  A creaking sound emanated from the second floor and after clearing the rooms of the first floor the group went up to investigate.   Additional creaks were heard as they crept down the upstairs hallway.  Heading into one of the bedrooms, a bed with bloody linens was lightly investigated.  A louder creek was heard as the origin was narrowed down to be from behind what was suspected to be a bathroom door.

Greg opened the door and dispatched a Zombie which attempted to rush out at the sign of fresh meat.  Nothing of much interest was found in the bathroom and the group finished clearing out the rest of the second floor.  Now turning their attention to the windows facing the tower, several hundred Zombies could be seen milling about the radio station grounds.

Thinking for only a moment, everyone agreed that they needed to set up a diversion to draw some attention away from their target.  The group headed Southwest and came to a parking lot infested wtih 30 or so Zombies (3).   Not wanting to stir up any problems quite yet, the group quietly moved further west and encountered two Zombies on top of a parking ramp.  This way seemed to offer less resistance so Colton took aim with the crossbow and cleared the way without much issue.

The group found a stairwell leading down (4), put down one Zombie waiting within and then quietly dealt with another couple Zombies on the first floor of the ramp.  With the ramp seemingly cleared out, progress continued to the West with only a chain link fence slowing things down until Greg clipped through it with his bolt cutter.

(5) Road after coming down from parking ramp
The group now found themselves on a road with a few Zombies to the North and fairly clear to the South (5).  It was decided to just leave the Zombies to the North alone and continue South.  Unfortunately, a few Zombies hanging out in another parking ramp above the road level spotted the group and alerted the Zombies to the north of the group's presence by some ghastly howls.   A few silenced MP5 rounds later and the group continued Southward.

(6) Intersection
As they neared a major intersection (6), Colton spotted a couple Zombies standing around and took them out after an initial miss which fortunately didn't draw any attention.  Now at the major intersection, a few scattered Zombies could be seen up and down the cross street.  Colton went out to fetch his bolts and unknowingly drew the attention of a few Zombies from the Western stretch of road.  Chet was on top of things and took out the threat with his MP5 before any major issues arose.

Now heading Eastward, the group walked past a car with a Zombie strapped in the front seat.  It began to howl until Greg punched a hole in its head with his crowbar.  Nothing of interest was found in the car and the group continued through the graveyard of parked cars with the thunk of Chet's crossbow occasionally taking out a head bobbing among the cars.

Ahead a tall church bell tower stretched up in the shadows of the large corporate buildings.  Ringing bells could possibly provide the diversion they needed...  Moving to the church (7), Greg peeked inside doors held partially open by the corpses that littered the ground.  Lots of motion could be seen inside and he doubted it was a friendly congregation.

Moving around the side of the church in search for easier entry, the group walked up to what looked like the a side entrance to the bell tower itself (8).  The door was locked and Greg began prying at it with his crowbar.  As he began to crack off bits of wood, a book landed on the walkway behind the group with a thud. Looking up, no sign of life could be seen.

Bell tower entrance
Surprised that anything alive could still be holed up in the church, a different approach was taken.  Greg knocked with the familiar "knock-knock-knock-knock-knock" and quickly heard the responding "knock-kock".  Greg loudly whispered "let us in" and was quickly answered with a loudly whispered "no way!".

Backing up a bit and looking around, someone with a rifle trained on the group could be seen taking cover behind a pillar on the roof of the church.  Not wanting to risk a confrontation with both the living and the dead, the group decided to just move on and find a different distraction.

Transport van diversion
The group looped around to the back side of the church and looked through several vehicles only to find they lacked batteries.  Continuing on, several other vehicles were searched until they came upon a transport van (9) which seemed to have power.  Greg used his window opener (crowbar) and granted Chet access to the inside of the vehicle.  In a few minutes, Chet wired the horn to an always-on state and the group high-tailed it it to the church and hid next to some air conditioning units (10).

Hiding spot behind the church
After a minute or two, a few Zombies appeared at the far side of the parking lot and moved towards the source of the sound.  A few minutes later, several more Zombies headed the same route.  Oddly, a couple of them stopped dead in their tracks in the middle of the parking lot and seemed to sense something.  Chet and Colton didn't wait around to get spotted and quickly put them down from the safety of their hiding spot.

Crossing the road to the radio station
As the stream of Zombies flowing towards the honking horn began to slow, the group moved cautiously up the side of the church and back to the main road.  Greg led the way down the road towards the radio tower and staged in a patio area between two buildings to cross the final road to the station.

It had appeared as though a good portion of the wandering walkers had been successfully drawn away from the radio station property, however the bulk of the herd still remained within the confines of fenced in area surrounding the buildings they hoped to investigate.  The group made their move and crossed the street, silently dispatching a handful of Zombies between them and the side of the building.

(11) windows along station building
Quickly, yet cautiously, the group maneuvered along the side of the building and occasionally peeked in the windows lining the wall.  One of the windows (11) provided a bit of a surprise as some hungry faces of Zombies pressed against the glass followed by the beating of their clenched fists.  The group noted the window and continued moving on and around the corner of the building.

(12) - locked doors with scraping and bumping
Colton and Greg moved in to take a closer look at a pair of doors (12).  The first door looked like a small garage door and the second, positioned a few feet from the first, was a metal keypad locked door.  Scraping and bumping could be heard behind both doors and the group decided to move on and up the next side of the building.

The East side of the building appeared to be a driveway leading North flanked by a small woods.  As the driveway entered what appeared to be a parking garage, the group cautiously looked in to see a large group of Zombies that appeared to have some interest in a metal door (13) inside the garage on the North side.  The group withdrew quietly and headed back to the pair of doors they saw earlier.

After briefly trying to gain entry via the doors, they decided to go back and create another diversion to try to draw the Zombies away.  They headed back along side the building and across the street.  Moving a bit further away from the radio station, the group found themselves in the parking lot they saw several Zombies in soon after leaving the townhouse.  No Zombies remained in the lot - likely drawn to their first truck horn diversion.  A quick search through the cars revealed one with a working battery as the alarm went off in response to the group's entry attempt.

With the second diversion in play, the group hustled back their now well-worn path along side the building to the Zombies behind the window.  With a couple swift hits with Greg's crowbar, the window broke open and the Zombies within finished the job of clearing out the broken shards of glass before being brained as they got half way out the window (11).

Climbing in revealed a small office with several Zombies coming towards the open door from a larger room within.  Kim's ax and Greg's crowbar both got a workout allowing the group to move into the large room that connected several offices similar to the one they entered (14).  Desks, chairs, and sections of office cube walls barricaded the hallways leading Northeast.  Several Zombies could be heard shuffling around behind the obstacles.

Heading Southwest, the group traveled through a hallway and to a door leading into a conference room.  Slight motion caught the eye of Greg as their flashlight scanned around the room.  Moving in closer, a Zombified head attached to what looked like a mostly eaten body rocked back and forth as the eyes frantically searched for prey.  With a quick stab with the crowbar, Greg put the beast down and the group moved out of the room.

The hallway opened up again to a large room filled with cubicles.  A few Zombie heads could be seen bobbing above the cube walls, but were quickly put down with Colton's crossbow.  A stairwell drew the group's attention and they took it up to the 3rd floor.  The halls and rooms to the Northeast were open and after taking care of a few more cube walkers, the group exited into a breezeway (15) leading to the attached parking ramp.  The group headed through the ramp and found another stairwell leading down.  Exiting cautiously, the group found themselves behind the group of Zombies that were still crowding around the metal door they had seen earlier.  A few of the Zombies caught wind of the group and with a loud howl, moved towards them.

With several Zombies in tow, the group headed back into the stairwell and back up to the 3rd floor.  Taking up position several yards away from the door, Colton readied his crossbow and took out the first to emerge from the stairwell.  Several MP5 rounds later, the stream of Zombies seemed to be increasing and the group decided to run down the stairwell next to the office.

A single Zombie was at the ground floor of the stairs and was quickly shot down by Chet's MP5.  The group exited the stairwell and ran across the ramp back towards the metal door.  Cautiously peeking around the corner again, the group was pleased to see that the bulk of the Zombie herd had disappeared - probably directly above them on the third floor.  A half dozen Zombies still remained in the vicinity of the door which were quickly put down.

Greg knocked on the door (13) and waited for a few seconds.  Hearing no answer, he knocked again which was met with an almost immediate opening of the door.  A large man with a proportionally large beard greeted them with a hearty "Who are you??".  After a brief explanation that they were here to see what happened at the station, the bearded man signaled them all in and down a metal staircase.  What appeared to be a generator maintenance room looked to be home to several of the team sent to silence the broadcast advertising the Chinese-run refugee camp and to capture those who started it.  The captives could be seen tied and gagged in a corners of the room.

A man with an injured ankle approached the group and introduced himself as Ken.  He explained that they were able to capture most of the Chinese group and that they had taken a couple casualties.  Greg offered to take a look at Ken's ankle, but he wasn't very interested.  Colton and Chet, both running a little low on 9mm ammo to feed their MP5s, asked Ken if they had any extra ammo.  Ken called over Anthony, who looked to be barely a teenager, and told him to give all his ammo to Chet.  Anthony complied and gave Chet three spare magazines and with an extra prod from Ken, the mag from his handgun.   Ken explained that it is probably better that Anthony stick to hand weapons only, but didn't elaborate much more.

The group helped gather up the equipment and prepared to head back out the metal door before another undead crowd gathered.  Ken was able to walk at a decent pace, but it was obvious he would be running very far on his ankle.  A couple Zombies were found to be hanging around outside the door and were quickly axed.  The now much larger group headed out of the garage and walked along the driveway back the way the group originally traveled.

As the group headed across the radio station property they saw a still very large group of Zombies to the North.  Greg noticed Anthony nervously fingering the trigger of a rifle from one of the Chinese captives and with a bit of leadership skill was able to calm him down a bit.  The group snaked their way back to the townhouse and met only minor resistance.  They were able to deal with in a quiet manner and amazingly enough drew very little attention to themselves as they filtered the last of those rescued into the townhouse (1) and shut the door.

Now it was just a matter of 5.5 hours until sundown and the helicopter's scheduled arrival...

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Session 11 Synopsis

Real Date: December 30, 2013
In-Game Date: December 23-24, 2011
Session Title: Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
Memorable Quote
  Colton: "Fire in the hole!"

The group looked around at the various buildings surrounding them trying to figure out where the keys to the choppers could be.  Within a couple minutes several more Zombies could be seen making their way directly to their location.  Chet and Colton prepared the MP5s and waited for the growing number of targets to move into range.  As the two took aim, a pair of Zombies fell to the ground before either of their triggers were pulled - what sounded like suppressed gunfire could be made out from somewhere in the area.  Several additional Zombies flowed into the road joining the rest as they closed in on the group (1).

Now within MP5 range, Chet and Colton began taking shots and Greg tightened his grip on his trusty crowbar.  The group held position around the choppers and mystery shots continued to rain down on the attackers, but soon the group was engaged in close combat.  As Greg was hacking away at the nearest Zombie, he felt a sting on his right arm.  Looking down quick, it appeared as though a bullet had grazed him leaving a small tear in his shirt that was slowly turning red from the bleeding underneath.

The current group of Zombies were getting under control, but more could be seen approaching from around the various buildings.  Greg scanned the buildings and saw someone signaling from the third floor for the group to go to the east side of the building (2).  The group hustled around the building and were met with a locked metal door.  After a tension filled 30 seconds of waiting, the door clicked open and the group filed inside.

A man in a military uniform ushered them inside and locked the door behind them.  He then led them up the stairwell with a very noticeable limp.  After traversing a hallway littered with empty cans and bottles, Martínez (or “Martini” as his friends used to call him) introduced himself as he opened the door to a room laid out like an apartment.  Martínez quickly grabbed a remote and clicked off the TV and DVD player which he had left on in after rushing out to open the door.

The group looked at him kind of funny and made an inquiry about the power.  Martínez explained that there are some big gennies in the basement with plenty of fuel to feed them.  He then casually mentioned that if anyone wanted to take a hot shower that the water heater was powered as well.  Martínez said everyone could help themselves to the food as long as military rations were palatable - he had eaten plenty of them and could hardly stand to look at them anymore.  He quickly asked everyone if they happened to have anything to 'drink' as he had run out a week or so ago.

Once the group had cleaned up and eaten, Martínez mentioned that the huge building to the west was a Boeing plant and early in the outbreak was converted to be a shelter.  Thousands of refugees were moved in fairly quickly, but eventually things went bad and the refugee camp was overrun from the inside and outside.  The tanks stationed around the base eventually went silent and most of the military personnel were now walking dead.  Martínez continued by explaining his leg - in the first couple days of the event he was shooting from the roof of the building they were currently in, slipped, and fell three stories to the ground.  The rest of his group went out to bring back a doctor for his leg.  Greg took a professional look as Martínez pulled up his pant leg to reveal a poorly healed compound fracture.  His group left himself and one other soldier behind about three weeks ago and they hadn't returned yet.  The other soldier died only a day after the others went out...

The group noticed a small sniper nest built up in the corner of the room now holding a suppressed AR15 (not military issue) back from the window with a perfect view out onto the helicopters below.  Martínez asked why the group was interested in the choppers and if anyone was a pilot - he had enough rations and isolation (and lack of drinks) to drive him near crazy and couldn't wait to get out of there.

Greg and Chet explained their plan and included that they had a chopper pilot on-call.  Martínez then revealed from under his shirt a necklace with a key on it and exclaimed 'lets go!'.

After packing up some supplies and deciding on what to bring to the chopper, Greg and Colton prepared to head out to the radio to call in the pilot.  Only a few Zombies were around the door and a dozen or so around the chopper.  After making quick work of them Greg and Colton moved quietly towards the chopper while Chet and Martínez remained behind to get the supplies staged at the stairway door.

M134 Minigun
Greg successfully made contact with the pilot and informed him that the bird was fueled and ready to fly.  The pilot confirmed and said he would be on the ground in 20 minutes.

Colton went back to the building to relay the news and begin carrying supplies out to the chopper.  With a little time to spend, Colton checked out the Miniguns on each side of the chopper.  Unfortunately, both ammo bins were empty.  He decided to sneak over to the other chopper to do a quick search.  To his surprise, one of the guns seemed to have jammed leaving about 100 rounds left linked in the bin.  With some effort and help from Chet, the rounds were taken back to the other chopper.

A couple hundred rations, a can of 500 5.56 rounds, and another can of 500 rounds of 9mm later, everyone was at the chopper and ready to go.  A few Zombies began drawing near the chopper, but were held off by the group.  Greg fired up the engine a few minutes before the expected arrival of the pilot.  A larger set of Zombies began making their way towards the chopper.

As the larger wave began closing in, a small helicopter dropped down from the sky and a man fast-roped down next to the chopper.  After a quick check of the gauges, the pilot engaged the main rotor and the group was in the air out of the reach of the grasping claws below.

Greg pointed in the direction of where they parked the Cessna and the pilot moved the aircraft towards it with plans to get their supplies.  Unfortunately, it appeared as though the large herd had broken up and hundreds of Zombies now littered the runway searching for food.  The pilot suggested they try back later and pulled the chopper up to a fairly high altitude and headed east.

After a few minutes in the air the chopper made a quick vertical decent and landed at another airbase that the group did not recognize (1).  The chopper pilot, who didn't do a great job of introducing himself, told the group to sit tight and someone would be out here soon to get things sorted out.  Several individuals could be seen patrolling around the area.

A few minutes later, four guys came out from one of the buildings and asked the group to come inside.  He introduced himself as 'Dean' and welcomed them to "Peachtree".

The group headed into the large building to the south and then into a large conference room that had several mattress pads stacked up in one corner of the room.  Dean thanked the group for their part in acquiring the helicopter.  He arranged for some food to be brought in and then described what the next part of the plan was.  Dean explained that he and Rich (from the Fulton airport) were part of an organization called United New America (or UNA).  They believe the outbreak was somehow caused by China and Russia in a plot to take over the country.  A group was sent to silence the radio broadcast and retrieve the Chinese operatives at the radio station in hopes of gaining more information about their plans.  Only the first part of the plan was achieved - the radio broadcast summoning everyone to the Chinese camp had stopped.  There has been no communication from the group since the signal went off.  The group was sent in three Hummers - each equipped with a radio.

Chet inquired as to what proof the UNA had about their theory and Dean responded that it was pretty obvious given their quick set up of camps.  Getting their hands on the operatives would give them even more 'proof'.  After a few more questions and talking, it was decided that the Blackhawk would drop the group near the station in the morning and then return to pick them up in the same spot an hour before sundown.  With that, Dean left the group to get some rest for the night.

Dean had some food for breakfast brought in for the group and final arrangements were made before taking off.  One member of the UNA would go with the group and they would take off immediately.  Everyone gathered their gear and headed to the chopper.

In a matter of minutes the chopper was in the air and gained altitude.  The UNA individual introduced himself as Jimmy.  Not much for words, but he seemed sensible and fairly comfortable with the handling of his AR.  Several minutes later they were again on the way back down and landing on a four lane highway and exiting out onto the pavement (1).

Radio Station Overview

End of Barrier (2 - above)
A few dispersed Zombies could be seen using binoculars meandering up and down the highway, but no immediate threats were seen.  Cautiously, the group headed along the noise barrier towards the radio station (blue line).  Soon, they came to where the barrier ended and decided to head into the woods.

A handful of Zombies were encountered and dispatched fairly quietly as the group headed up the hill to the station.

Back of building

Soon they arrived at the back side of a building.  Both the east and west sides of the building contained many Zombies making travel not advised.  A door in the center of the building then became the focus.  It was slightly ajar and shuffling around could be heard within.  Greg opened it up to reveal a few Zombies and allowed the MP5s to mow them down.  Several more Zombies began pouring out and as the moans rang out the floodgates opened and a dozen replaced each that was shot down.  Jimmy's trigger finger began getting a bit itchy, but Chet and Greg were able to convince him to stick with silent weapons for the time being and keep things as quiet as possible for as long as possible.

More and more Zombies poured out of the building and limply rolled down the hill after meeting crowbar, MP5 round, or Jimmy's hatchet.  Zombies from both sides of the building began closing in on the back door ruckus.  Eventually Colton decided it was time to make a move and yelled out 'Fire in the hole!!!' as he pulled the pin and pitched a grenade through a brief opening in the door.  The explosion was enough to blow a few zombies out the door and throw those inside down to the floor which allowed the group to at least make their way inside the building.

The group found themselves some type of elongated room resembling a wide hallway.  Dozens of Zombies engulfed the group and engaged in close (very close) combat.  After a few brushes with death, the group began pushing towards a door on the left side of the hallway.  With an exhausting effort, all party members were finally able to push their way to the door.  Greg checked the door and, as expected, found it to be locked.  The rest of the group covered him as he wedged his now messy crowbar into the door jam and popped the lock.  After another struggle to escape the grasp of the Zombies, everyone was able to regroup inside the room and hold the door shut long enough to catch their breath.

Greg drug over a desk to help Chet and Colton hold door shut from the Zombie onslaught.  In one corner of the room were the remains of two people who looked like they had been...carefully...eaten.   As Greg continued to assess the room, he heard a groan from one of the two couches.  Approaching with crowbar at hand, Greg found a severely dehydrated man on the couch.  If he could be hooked up to an IV and had proper care and a few weeks to recover he probably could be brought back to health, but out here it wasn't looking good.  Looking to a second couch, the remains of a lady lie motionless.  A quick look did not reveal any bite marks and Greg's professional opinion is that she died of dehydration as the guy was about to do.  A second door was noticed as well with heavy Zombie traffic easily audible through it.  Chet climbed up on the desk and investigated the drop ceiling as a means of exit, but unfortunately it was only dropped down a few inches and provided no way of escape.

Soon both doors were being pounded on and showed signs of giving out.  The group looked through the vertically narrow windows surrounding most of the room as their only way out.  Heads of Zombies bobbed past the windows as they made their way to the rear entrance of the building.  Greg and Jimmy managed to blow out part of the glass and Greg cleared out as much of the broken shards with his crowbar in preparation for a clean exit.  Several arms of Zombies reached into the now open window.  Greg switched to his shotgun and blew back enough of them for Colton to jump outside near the edge of the woods.  The others followed suit and all but Jimmy were able to make a clean exit.  Jimmy was tripped up on one of the Zombies at the window and ended up on the ground.  A a pair of Zombies were drug down on top of him and began gnashing their teeth as they attacked.  He cried out and Greg and Colton cleared the Zombies off of him while trying to fend off the now growing group around them.

The group fought their way back into the woods and retreated at full speed attempting to lead any followers to the north (green line on Radio Station Overview map).  After making a loop in the forest, the group made their way back to where the sound barrier ended and they first entered the woods (2).  The group moved further out into the road and began looping back into the woods.  Zombies could be heard crashing through the forest and the group continued their pace.  Jimmy fell down on the pavement, but quickly righted himself.  As the group looked back after a few more steps they saw Jimmy do an about-face and march back towards the sound barrier.  Several rounds of rifle fire could be heard, followed by another set of shots as Jimmy disappeared back into the woods.

The group continued without Jimmy back up the hill in a more grassy area and saw the three Humvees that Dean had mentioned down by some railroad tracks (4). One of them sported a .50 cal on top, but no rounds could be seen feeding it.  A few rounds of MP5 cleared out the hillside and the group was able to continue on and move in towards what looked to be a residential area (5).

Several more rifle shots rang out in the woods towards the direction that Jimmy went followed by a few seconds of silence, concluded by a single large caliber handgun shot.

At the top of the hill, a once quiet residential road meandered through the trees encircling a set of townhouses.   The first in the row appeared to have been gutted by a fire and the group didn't investigate any further given the lack of a front door.  The second looked to be fully intact and was found to be unlocked.  No Zombies turned up after a cursory look and the group took to the second floor overlooking a small open area enclosed by the set of townhouses.

A half dozen Zombies meandered around the open area and were quietly mopped up by MP5 fire from Chet and Colton.

The group all breathed a sigh of relief and tried to figure out a Plan B...

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