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Session 4 Synopsis

Real Date: January 2, 2012
In-Game Date: December 9, 2011
Session Title: Shopping Spree and New Friends?

Map Key:
1.  Walmart shopping
2.  Auto shop
3.  Car accidents mostly blocking road
4.  Car wall gate
5.  Fallback point - gas station
6.  Garden center of Home Depot
7.  Fairfield Inn hotel - packing up

The evening started with the group finishing up their shopping trip at Walmart with the odd, yet friendly, Walmart employee John.  Much time was spent ordering items giving the group a reminder of how things used to be before the incident.  The time spent produced several useful items including a couple larger calibre handguns and several types of ammo.  Thanks to the group's friendliness to John, they were given access to the items taken off the shelf due to previous hoarding issues with prior customers.  John happily imprinted Colton's credit card after checking his ID as payment for the goods.

What some day could prove to be more important than the ammo, various types of medicine was scavenged from the pharmacy.  Greg's medical knowledge was very helpful in identifying the useful drugs that may have been overlooked by previous shoppers.

After the shopping trip, the group started pulling the semi away from Walmart and noticed some Zombies approaching from the woods to the south.  Due to several cars blocking the road, Chet put the semi in park and allowed Colton and Greg to have a stable firing platform from the top of the cab.  While several volleys of gunfire took down many of the approaching Zombies, some still made it to the semi and began climbing over the cage built around the cab.  Thankfully the bars held the oncoming attackers back long enough from the windows and cab giving Greg and Colton plenty of time to reduce the remainder of the Zombies to limp piles of flesh.  A couple did make it to the area between the bars and cab, but Chet was able to finish them off with a few well-placed handgun rounds. 

Having forgotten a few items from their shopping trip, Greg decided to quickly jog back to Walmart (the semi had only made it half way out of the parking lot).  Colton covered him from the top of the cab while Chet planned the driving route through the maze of disabled vehicles ahead.  Greg came out of Walmart after placing his order and prepared to head back to the semi.  Before making any headway, he spotted a small contingent of Zombies emerging again from the woods and heading his direction.

After nearly tripping over himself, he made a quick run back to the semi and began to open fire on the approaching Zombies with his semi-auto 12 gage and later the newly acquired .44 magnum.  Despite encountering a few jams and a near misfire, the group was able to eliminate the oncoming assailants and continue out of the parking lot.

The group then decided to head back to the shop and add a few more enhancements to the semi.  On the way across the road separating Walmart and the hotel/shop, a half dozen Zombies were seen a couple hundred yards away wandering between the stopped vehicles.  Chet pulled out his trusty .308 and was able to eliminate half of them before they were close enough for the rest of the group to finish them off with their closer range weapons.

Now safely back at the shop, Chet fired up the welder (again, thanks to the ingenuity of the previous shop inhabitants who designed the battery operated inverter power system).  Additional re-enforcements were welded over the windows as a second line of defence to the metal cage.  With the added bars a seemingly splendid idea, the idea to enhance Chet's RV came up.  After a quick trip back to the hotel parking lot and back to the shop, Chet was able to weld metal bars across the many windows of the RV.  Although reducing visibility and partially limiting the field of view for outgoing fire, the added protection from a large swarm of Zombies was seen as a welcome compromise.

After checking in with the rest of the survivors in the hotel, the group (now joined by Kim) decided it was time to cross the interstate and see what Home Depot had to offer.  Hopping into the semi, Chet was able to skillfully weave through the stalled cars and push through groups of cars which had crashed at the entrance ramps. 

As Home Depot came into sight, the group noticed a wall of cars placed around the entirety of the building.  Getting closer to the wall revealed what looked to be a gate consisting of a forklift with sheet metal attached to it.  Colton scanned the area with his binoculars, but saw nothing on or around the building.  In preparation to make a hasty retreat, Chet did a three point turnaround so the rear of the semi faced the gate.  Following the pattern of knocking three times at Walmart, Chet decided to honk three times to see if someone would open the gate.  A second after the third horn blast, the sound of a bullet impacting the engine compartment surprised the group.  Assuming they were under a full assault, Chet put the semi in gear and moved away from the wall driving behind a line of trees by a nearby gas station.

Colton, Greg, and Kim dismounted from the semi and took positions in the tree line and scanned the area for the source of the shot.  Only the impact and resulting hole was heard/seen and no gunshot was heard so finding the source proved to be quite difficult.  With a good perception check, the group did spot something on the roof of the Home Depot, but it was unclear who or what it was.  Just as Greg was attempting to find a way to get on top of the gas station for a better view, Chet spotted someone walking down the driveway from the gate towards them.

Chet commanded the figure to stop and identify himself.  He introduced himself as 'Frank' and stated he was going to come in closer so he didn't have to shout.  Frank apologized for the shot and that 'Silus' is kind of trigger happy and was just trying to keep the noise down so no unwanted attention was gained.  Frank then  invited the group to come into the parking lot and went over to move the gate. 

After pulling in the semi and parking it near the building, the group was led into the gates of the garden center.  A few other survivors were working in the garden center.  Introductions ensued and Greg mentioned he was a doctor.  Frank stated that one of his people, 'Fred', was injured in a failed attempted at making a homemade silencer for his gun.  Fred was sent for and he soon came out of the main building to have his wounds looked at by Greg.  After a quick inspection, it looked like a piece of shrapnel was still embedded into Fred's face.  The arm wounds looked like they were healing well, but surgery would be needed to prevent further infection of the facial wounds.

Fortunately, the Home Depot survivors had access to a fairly comprehensive medical kit providing the tools needed for the procedure.  With excellent precision, Greg had the shrapnel extracted and Fred sewed up.  Impressed and thankful for the generous sharing of skills, Frank inquired about trading.  Food was a concern for his group and they had tools and even a generator that they would be willing to trade.

The idea of merging the two groups was brought up.  Other than Silus, who thought a bigger group would bring problems, everyone thought it was a good idea and preparations were made to bring over the hotel survivors.  A U-Haul type truck was offered by Frank to be used to load all of the supplies and a couple guys went with the group to help with the transfer.

With Chet leading the way back through the car maze in the semi, the group reached the hotel without incident.  As most of the group was making preparations for the move, Chet and Colton were getting the RV ready when they heard a low thumping sound which was growing louder.  Soon they saw a helicopter flying from east to west high above the interstate.  Even with Colton's binoculars, no markings were visible and only the general description of a gray Dolphin type helicopter was discerned.  Before they knew it, the helicopter had flown by and disappeared from sight.   Not knowing what to make of the fly-by, the group continued with their plans.

The hotel manager was convinced to go along with the plan to merge groups and the load out commenced.  Several items of bedding - enough for both groups - was loaded along with the food and supplies.  With that, everyone was loaded into the RV and the convoy prepared to head back over to the Home Depot parking lot.

As the hotel manager managed the loading of supplies, the group took the semi over to the shop for yet another enhancement - attempting to further silence the muffler.  Their efforts were somewhat successful and they headed back to the hotel to check on the progress.

Once everything and everyone was loaded, the hotel survivors said good-bye to their home for the past several chaotic and terrifying weeks.  After another trip across the interstate back at Home Depot, the survivors, food, and equipment was unloaded.  The group was introduced to everyone and the existing residents welcomed the sight of mattresses and real bedding which would be a significant upgrade from the carpet and painting drop cloths they had previously been using.

Silus was introduced to the group by Frank as someone who 'knows all about Zombies and seems to be enjoying himself'.  He indeed seemed quite prepared as indicated by the silencer-equipped rifle slung over his shoulder and fit physique.  He offered very few details on what he thought exactly happened, what he planned on doing, or where he was going to go. 

The group inquired about the cell tower right next to Home Depot.  Frank said they checked it out a couple weeks ago, but nothing was working.  The group acquired a few gallons of gasoline for the on-site cell tower generator and took one of the original hotel survivors, David, who was a computer programmer of some sort.  He had also worked at Motorola in the past and remembered a few things about cellular technology.  Unfortunately, even with the generator powering the equipment, the computer console showed no network connection and no signs of attempted connections.  The generator was left running for a few hours, but no connections were seen.  Without the network connection to the infrastructure, the cell tower on its own did not seem to provide any benefits so it was turned back off.

Soon the evening approached and everyone took a well-needed rest.  Chet, Greg, and Kim decided to take turns staying awake during part of the night to make sure nothing strange happened, but Colton was out all night.

The next morning the group was met with some instant eggs cooked by some of the original Home Depot residents.  Frank mentioned working the newcomers into the cooking and watch shifts.  Their conversation was then interrupted by one of the survivors saying that the 'listeners' had heard something.

Frank, followed by most everyone in the building, quickly headed towards a small office where a television and a couple radios had been set up.  A small generator hummed quietly in the corner.  Huddled around what was previously just a static-filled television, the colorful 'test bars' were now filling the screen.  After a few highly anxious minutes passed, a voice began speaking.

Although thick with an Asian accent, the message was clear that a shelter with food, water, and protection has been set up at the given coordinates +33° 37' 33.49", -85° 37' 58.04".  This is also known as Bonner Lake which is 77 miles west of Atlanta on I20.  All survivors able to do so should make their way to the shelter.  The eastbound side of the interstate has recently been verified as passable by a small vehicle.

With that, the group discussed what to do next...

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