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Session 1 Synopsis

Real Date: November 28, 2011
In-Game Date: November 28, 2011 (a happy coincidence)
Session Title: The Raid on Cracker Barrel

You may want to read all of the back-stories of the characters (linked on the right) before reading through this post.  It contains some context that will be needed to better understand what is written below.

Map courtesy of GoogleMaps
The characters started in their adventure at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Lithia Springs, GA.  Along with the four party members, 11 other survivors are holed up in the basement of the hotel.  A month had passed since the 'incident' and with food supplies running low, the hotel manager who was among the other survivors, overheard the party talking about venturing out.  He offered the group a double-barreled shotgun and some ammo if they would bring back food supplies to him and the rest of the hotel patrons.  Low on weapons and seemingly good natured, the group agreed and planned to head to Wal-Mart which was across the street.

First things first, Colton made up a makeshift spear from a mop handle, some duct tape, and a heavy-duty kitchen knife.  Although he had his hunting knife with him, he wanted to be able to attack from a bit of a distance.

The plan was then to acquire the rest of his hunting equipment which was in his 4x4 Jeep out in the parking lot.  Waiting until nightfall, he very stealthy made it to the middle of the parking lot next to his Jeep.  Colton then quietly dispatched a Zombie with a quick spear thrust through the back of the head.  With all immediate threats taken care of, he quickly unlocked his Jeep and pulled out his gear - most notably, his crossbow. 

Confident in his skills, Colton decided to stop by Chet's RV and get it ready to move.  He failed to spot a Zombie in the woods directly adjacent to the parking lot and near the RV.  Being caught off guard, Colton thought about firing his crossbow at the Zombie, but lost his nerve and ran back to the side hotel door where his friends were waiting for him.  The Zombie followed after giving off an awful moan which attracted a few other of its kin.  Nerve regained, Colton and the group quickly dispatched the small group of Zombies as they reached the hotel door.

Ideas of going over to Wal-Mart were pushed aside after the group noticed a much closer potential food source - a Cracker Barrel was just across the parking lot. The group carefully made their way across the hotel's parking lot and took cover in a tree line separating the two parking lots.  Although Chet gave his best attempt at being stealthy, he had some problems in the dark and tripped over something in the parking lot.  Fortunately no unwanted attention was drawn and other than a skinned knee he was no worse for wear.

Still only armed with a heavy frying pan he found in the kitchen, Greg attempted an attack on a Zombie who got too close to their hiding spot in the treeline.  Unfortunately, he lost his grip and the pan noisily bounced off of the pavement.  Fortunately, another party member was nearby to finish off the Zombie, however the clatter attracted another Zombie which was within earshot.  That Zombie was dispatched by Colton from distance.

Several Zombies were seen lingering at the Cracker Barrel entrance as well as a few roaming throughout the parking lot.  The roamers were taken down by Dalton's crossbow which allowed the party to peek into the gift shop area of the building.  An additional 20 Zombies were seen milling about the room.  Kim decided to create a diversion by charging in with the fire axe and take out a Zombie in the front followed by a hasty retreat back to the hotel - Chet planned on following along while Greg and Colton gathered the food.

The plan worked without a hitch and resulted in nearly 30 Zombies pounding at the north door of the hotel.  Kim and Chet kept the Zombies busy by attacking them from the second floor window above the door with various makeshift weapons.  Much to Chet's disappointment, the fire hose nozzle didn't work very well as a projectile.  It did, however, come in handy to hose down the Zombies after pouring down a 5 gallon bucket of detergent over them.  With the Zombie's footing compromised, Kim hacked up some bedposts and threw them resulting in one kill.

Back at the Cracker Barrel, Colton and Greg wiped out the remaining three Zombies in the now deserted building.  After filling up a food cart with a bunch of canned goods from the kitchen, the two pushed the cart out through the parking lot back to the southern door of the hotel.  A couple Zombies were spotted and quietly taken care of by Colton's crossbow.  Thanks to the diversion provided by the other two, the food cart was successfully delivered and provided supplies which should last the survivors in the hotel another month.

On their way back, a semi was noticed parked close to the hotel.  The whole group, newly reunited, headed down to check it out and left the soapy Zombie hoard pounding at the north door.  Due to the dark and limited familiarity with unhitching a semi trailer, they left the flatbed attached.  After Kim popped the lock of the driver side door with the fire axe, Chet hopped in and searched around.  In the glove box he found a 9mm pistol and a couple boxes of ammo.  Taking his newly found weapon, he then began hot-wiring the vehicle.  In a few minutes he was able to get the engine humming and Greg hopped in to ride shotgun - with his double-barrel shotgun.

Colton headed back to the hotel in preparation for the next step of the plan.  Kim stopped on the way back to check out a nearby unhitched trailer which was locked, but was quickly hacked open with the fire axe.  The noise made chopping at the lock was irrelevant given the semi idling nearby.  The trailer was full of various auto parts - probably destined for the auto dealership further to the south of the hotel.  Hopping out of trailer, Kim was startled by a Zombie that was closing in on the commotion with the semi.  Fortunately, she kept her nerve and delivered a solid chop to the head to the Zombie.  Kim then high-tailed it back to the hotel and joined Colton.  Both eventually walked inside the hotel up to the 2nd floor above the Zombies still lingering at the north door.

Skillfully driving the semi, Chet pulled through the hotel parking lot and lined up the Zombies in the headlights.  With a couple good pulls on the semi's horn, he then rolled the semi over the Zombies who still had no good footing thanks to the soapy mess previously created.  A few of the Zombies managed to climb up the hood and sides of the semi during the forward/reverse/forward maneuvers, but were swiftly dealt with by Greg's shotgun and Chet's newly acquired 9mm.  A failed driving attempt resulted in the semi over-shooting the crushing area and going headlong into a tree, but resulted in no damage.  After the group of Zombies had all been destroyed or at least mostly crushed, the group dispatched those that remained and all seemed quiet until a scream for help was heard from the woods.

Although limping and easily mistakable for a Zombie, Colton's keen eyes were able to hold back an attack on the approaching individual who was now well illuminated in the headlights of the semi.  When approached, the figure passed out due to fatigue and an apparent wound in the abdomen plus a few scratches which could be claw marks on the arm.

Leaving the semi parked right outside the hotel's north door for easy access, Chet turned off the lights of the semi and the group headed into the hotel with their newly acquired refugee.  After a medical check, search for bites, and patching up from Greg, the man looked like he would recover albeit unconscious for the time being.  The group was still a bit wary, however, and locked him in a room over night for further observation.

With that, the group retired to the safety of the basement and tried to get some sleep after the very eventful evening.

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  1. Well written! The Google Maps work perfectly and is an awesome touch. I'm curious about your game mechanics so looking forward to reading the rules next. Chet, man, you got to work on that driving but, yeah, stick to the rigs.