Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Character Point Generator

A simple character point generator has been made available in Google Docs.  To access it, you will need a Google account and click on the link in the upper-right labeled "Character Point Generator".  From there, you can select the File menu and 'Make a copy...'.  Name it what ever you would like and now you have an editable version of the generator. Only fields with a green background need to be modified - just change the Die values and enter the Survivor Points.  Monitor the total points at the bottom of the sheet and balance it until you get the target character points you would like to use.

The characters listed on the right are 120 point characters meaning their die costs plus survivor points equals 120 total points.  They would probably be considered 'high powered' as most 'normal' people these days lack most of the skills useful to post-apocalyptic survival.  My D8 in Playstation and D10 in watching TV just don't quite make the cut as useful skills... ;)

Basics of character creation is something that is on my list to add to the rules.  Let me know if you have any questions or issues using the spreadsheet!

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