Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Session 3 Schedule

Monday, December 19th is the target date for Session 3.  We're going to try two Mondays in a row.

The survivors at the Fairfield Inn have now been set up with a total of 2-3 months of food thanks to the efforts of the group.  With the Cracker Barrel's supplies extinguished, all eyes are fixed on WalMart and what it may have to offer as the next closest source of supplies.

Does the dwindling water pressure on the second floor signify the beginning of water rationing?  Will the group regret leaving the crazy man in the Country Inn's basement with knowledge of where they are staying?  Thoughts of using Greg's piloting skills and heading to the airfield are still floating around, but where will they go?  Is the rest of the country in the same condition or is there a true safe haven left somewhere?

We'll find out more next week....

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